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Perth and Kinross,
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Your GP and You

GP teams are changing and we want your views on how this can work for you!

Alliance wants to capture views on how the changes are likely to impact peoples’ experiences of interacting with primary care.

This might be potential opportunities presented by the new contract to improve services that people want emphasised; or it could be risks/concerns associated with the changes, such as broadening the scope of primary care services, particularly the changing role of the GP.

There is also an opportunity to explore how ongoing engagement can ensure that people are involved throughout not just the design but the delivery of the new contract.

Who should attend?

This workshop is aimed at gathering input from people who access GP services and are interested in giving their views on the new GP contract.

Outputs and recommendations from this engagement will be presented to the Scottish Government for consideration in ongoing discussions around the GP contract. The ALLIANCE will continue to make the case for these outputs in interactions with Scottish Government throughout the development of the GP contract.

Alliance will be holding eight workshops across Scotland, with two being focused specifically on getting views from young people and unpaid carers.

To register for an event, please visit our Eventbrite page and select the event you wish to attend.

06/02/2018 - Glasgow City
12/02/2018 - Edinburgh
19/02/2018 - Inverness
27/02/2018 - Dundee
06/03/2018 - Stirling
14/03/2018 - Portree
22/03/2018 - Paisley - Session for young people
23/02/2018 - Glasgow - Session for carers
Call: 0141 404 0231 or email Gregory.Hill-Oconnor@alliance-scotland.org.uk