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We are moving!

13th March 2019

All the carer’s services currently being delivered at PKAVS are soon to move as we relocate into a dedicated Carers Centre for unpaid carers of all ages living in Perth & Kinross.

The reason for the move is that it will allow us an opportunity to develop and deliver more services for carers in the months and years ahead. Examples are re-opening a young carers den, utilising the current beauty room to offer beauty treatments at reduced rates, offer complementary therapy sessions more regularly and offer more places at our day services. All of these were not options had we stayed at the current venue as space is very restricted.

This change of venue will be the only thing that will change for you (even the telephone number will remain the same). PKAVS carer’s services will continue to strive to offer the best support available for unpaid carers of all ages who live in Perth & Kinross. We believe that this move will enable us to work with partners both in the statutory and voluntary sector to ensure that the information, advice and support you need as an unpaid carer is readily available for you to access. 

Perth & Kinross Council have worked closely in partnership with PKAVS to allow this new Carers Centre to open. Initially, a 5-year lease at a greatly reduced rate has been agreed but we hope that the centre will grow and grow and be open long beyond that.

The plan is for all carer services to be delivered from this new venue by the 1st of April with an official opening by the Provost on the 21st of May. In between these dates, we will also be organising 2 open dates for carers and professionals. We will be running tours of the building at set times throughout the day (10am, 2pm and 4pm), this is a great opportunity to familiarise yourself with the new venue and learn more about what support the Carers Hub has to offer.

17th April 2019 – Open Day for professionals

23rd April 2019 – Open Day for carers

Please let us know if you are able to make it and which timeslot you would like your tour of the building. We look forward to welcoming everyone!

The contact details for the new Centre is:-

PKAVS Carers Centre, Lewis Place, North Muirton, Perth, PH1 3BD

01738 567076

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