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PKAVS Carers Hub have been awarded further funding from Shared Care Scotland’s Short Break Fund to continue the Time4Me Fund for its 4th consecutive year. We have also been awarded funding from Perth & Kinross Council to expand Time4Me to help target carers who care for someone aged 65+ in need of a break to help them continue to care for their loved ones at home/in their own home. Time4Me 65+ is an additional pot of funding that is exclusively for unpaid carers who care for someone aged 65+. 

These two pots of funding both come under the one banner of Time4Me Fund and use the same application form.

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Aim of the Fund

The desired outcomes of this fund are as follows:

  • Carers and the people they care for will have improved well-being
  • Carers will have more opportunities to enjoy a life outside of their caring role
  • Carers will feel better supported to sustain their caring role
  • Help carers to continue to care for the cared for in a their own home
  • More hidden carers will be identified and offered support.

Eligibility Criteria

Unpaid carers applying for funding must meet the following criteria:

UPDATED Time4Me criteria 2

Adult carers of children and young people with disabilities aged 20 years and under are not eligible for individual grants from the Time4Me Fund. The Scottish Government provides separate funding for carers of children and young people with additional support needs via the Family Fund’s Take a Break Scotland programme.

Kinship carers are also not eligible for individual grants from the Time4Me Fund as they are eligible for kinship care allowances provided by local authorities and, as such, are not considered unpaid carers.

What can we fund?Enjoying the outdoors

Carers can apply for a grant to pay for respite of their own choosing. This means that the breaks are very individual and personalised to each unique situation. Carers decide when, where, with who and what they want to do!

This may include things such as breaks away from home either alone or with the person, you care for, temporary residential care home costs for the person you care for, a season ticket for your favourite football team, a gym membership, spa day, or even a greenhouse to help pursue a hobby! (see 'What is a Short Break?' for inspiration)

How much is available?

Eligible carers can apply for grants of up to £250 from Time4Me.Spoiling yourself

Unpaid carers who care for someone aged 65+ are eligible to apply for up to £1,000 from the Time4Me 65+ fund only if the request is to help fund a temporary short stay in a residential care home for the person they care for. Carers caring for someone aged 65+ can also apply for up to £250 towards their own break. (Maximum amount you can apply for from Time4Me 65+ is £1,250).

Please be aware that if the amount requested is not at least 90% of the total cost of the break/item we may ask how carers will fund the shortfall and if those plans seem unrealistic the application may not be approved by the panel.


UPDATED T4M deadlines


If you have any questions or require help completing the Time4Me application please contact Marthe Handling on 01738 567076 or email You can also request a hard copy by contacting Marthe.

Download Time4Me Guidance Notes

Download Time4Me Application (Word Version)

Click here to apply online 

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