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Participatory Budgeting Event Feedback 2016

18th February 2016

For the first time in Perth and Kinross on the 4th of February we engaged unpaid carers in deciding how money will be spent to support them in their caring role. This is Participatory Budgeting (PB) in action, where unpaid carers, the experts in their own field, decided how resources would be allocated to other carers like themselves.

£20K was up for consideration and only unpaid carers could vote. The projects could bid for up to £2000 and they had to give a three minute presentation to the carers on their project or initiative. The carers then voted and decided where and how the £20K would be spent.

58 carers voted with approximately 100 people attending throughout the day. 15 out of the 23 projects who applied were awarded funding after voting from carers and were projects targeting some of our most vulnerable carers. The following is a list of successful projects and intiatives who were awarded funding to support and make a difference to the lives of carers across all of Perth and Kinross:

  1. SHIP and SPLASH - Saturday respite - £1888
  2. PKAVS - Day services respite for older carers - £2000
  3. Live Active Leisure - No limits cycle - £1980
  4. New Rannoch Carers - £138
  5. P&K Unpaid Carers Forum - £1280
  6. Tea @ Two - £1000
  7. PKAVS - Strathmore monthly therapies - £1636.60
  8. PKAVS - YAC residential - £1980
  9. Carse Community Cafe - £500
  10. PKAVS/MECOPP Bridging the gap - day trips for gypsy traveller carers - £1425
  11. PKAVS Bridging the gap - Mens walking group - £1075
  12. The Care and Wellbeing Co-operative - Sitter service Highland Perthshire - £1392
  13. Support in Mind - Day time support group in Perth - £190
  14. Perth Carers Theatrics - £1960
  15. Vision PK - DVD for Carers (part funded) - £1555.40 (asked for £1976)

Feedback from 61 people who attended on the day had this to say: 

  • 93% felt it was good for carers
  • 97% stated they liked the presentations
  • 95% stated the day was well organised
  • 90% thought the event was held in a good location
  • 95% stated they would do this again

'Carers Voice, Carers Choice!' was an outstanding first start to PB in Perth and Kinross but most importantly, it gave unpaid carers a voice in shaping services in a way that has never occured before.

Please see a link below with write up about the Carers Voice, Carers Choice! event which is now available on the PB Scotland website:

Full write up here.

See & Make Comments

Some of the comments made on the day:

"Excellent event giving unpaid carers the opportunity to speak about things that impact on their day to day life."

"Great new concept - appreciated being involved."

"Good to get the decisions today - there are no layers between us and the decision."

"Decisions being taken by the community, not 'handed down.'"

"A great example of taking PB into a new area and seeing it succeed brilliantly."

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