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PKAVS Young Carers Spring/Summer Update

31st August 2017


YC BillyIt has been a busy few months at PKAVS Young Carers. I thought it would be helpful to do the update for the months of May, June, July and August as one jam packed/fun filled newsletter. As always I would appreciate it if you could share this update with colleagues and teams you may work with/support. The aim of these updates are to raise awareness of our service and to help strengthen partnership working and communication.

PKAVS Young Carers Service 

I am still very happy to be coming along and meet with any interested parties to talk about young carers and the support we offer. It need only take 15 minutes but if it helps staff know the tell-tale signs for identifying young carers then this would be time well spent. Also if any organisations that are holding events and you would like us to attend please let me know. I am continuing to have really positive meetings with services, that are approaching me and I would really encourage each service to take up this offer.

If you’d like to know more about the young carers service then please visit PKAVS Carers Hub website 

Alternatively if you would like to discuss the support available further please contact me on 01738 567076 or at

YC New Referrals NEWSince April 2017 we have received 35 new referrals. It was a low start in April with 1 referral received but as you can see from the figures above May and June were busy months. Then a smaller number of referrals in in July and August which can be expected due to the summer months and many services being closed or only running core services.

Files are closed due to change of situations, moving away from the area and non-engagement or becoming a Young Adult Carer (YAC) (turned 16).

YC levels of supportIt is estimated that there could be as many as 1400 children in Perth & Kinross who have caring responsibilities. It is every agency’s responsibility to help identify and refer these hidden Young Carers, so please keep this in the forefront of your mind when working with the people you support. We are aware that some Young Carers self-identify within other settings but do not wish to access our services, but if you are aware of individuals like this please communicate figures so this can be reflected in level of support.


Since May, there has been various changes in staffing in our team.
Donna Bednarek (YC Support Worker), Magda Turczynska (YC Administrator) and Jasmin Watt (YC Schools Outreach Worker) have all now moved on to ventures new and I wish them all the very best in there new roles.

I would also like to welcome our two newest members of staff Carrie Geddes and Gail Hunter both YC Support Workers.

Cat Ridgewell who is currently a YC Support worker will be taking over the Schools Outreach worker role in October. We have just completed interviews for our vacant admin post and will be advertising for a new Young Carers Support worker in the coming weeks.

Current  team:
Billy Morrison – Young Carers Coordinator
Katie Marshall – Young Carers Support Worker
Cat Ridgewell – (soon to be) Schools Outreach Worker
Carrie Geddes – Young Carers Support Worker
Gail Hunter – Young Carers Support Worker
Vicky Grant – Young Carers Sessional Worker
1 Vacant – Young Carers Support Worker
Currently being appointed – Young Carers Administrator

I would also like to thank all the volunteers that have helped us deliver our Summer Holiday programme, especially Stuart Brown who went above and beyond to make the trips memorable for the Young Carers.

Respite Support

We are now back into the swing of our weekly respite groups. The respite groups we offer are:-



YC Update ElsieIn recent months we have secured £2,000 from the James Sim Trust, £2,000 from the Carers Trust Explore More Fund, £540 from the Carers Trust YC Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund and a further £150 from Alison Wilson (long term support of the YCs).

We were also delighted to have received a cheque for £800.25 from Elsie and Gus Cattanach - funds which they raised at their Golden Wedding Anniversary June when they asked their party guests to make a donation to PKAVS YC instead of gifts. 

Massive thanks also to the following organisations & individuals for their generous donations to the Young Carers Service over the last 4 months:

  • Guildry Incorporation of Perth
  • Wright Incorporation of Perth
  • Auchterarder Inner Wheel Club
  • Aberfeldy Inner Wheel Club
  • Blairgowrie Golf Club
  • Andrew Flockart
  • Pitlochry High School

We are currently waiting to hear back from Children in Need and Shared Care Scotland about applications we have made.


Spring/Summer TripsYC UPDATE 1


The Young Carers Team were very busy in July and August successfully organising 8 day trips away. From zip lining to inflatable water parks we were never in short supply of fun this Summer! 

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Blackpool Residential & Scottish Young Carers FestivalYC UPDATE 2


In July we took 15 YC's to Blackpool for a busy action packed week! In August we took another group of YC's to the 10th Annual Scottish Young Carers Fesitival where they took part in loads of activities and camped in the bitter Scottish weather!

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Canada 2017

YC Canada for Update

10 young carers recently returned from a trip to Canada, supported by PKAVS Young Carers Service, where they stayed at Camp Kahuna, Toronto.

The camp is run by Kids4kids, a Canadian organisation that specialises in leadership skills and anti-bullying training and awareness amongst young people in Canada. Scott Graham is a Canadian trained social worker who runs Kids4Kids - Canada. Scott works on the premise that hardships and experiences we have as youngsters can be used and developed into skills and strengths we can use in the future.

Scott was originally from Tayside, and to promote his 25th year of this work, he came back to his roots to offer his experience and training to local schools in this area. While Scott was here, he was invited to meet with PKAVS Young Carers Service and he then asked to deliver a session to a group of young carers. Young Carers was a completely new notion to Scott and he is very impressed with the work PKAVS are doing and the roles the young carers have.

Outside of time spent at the camp excursions included a bus and boat tour of Niagara Falls and a visit to a Toronto Blue Jays baseball game.

All of the children on the trip were able to come back and share their experiences and knowledge with other young carers!

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