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PKAVS Self Directed Support Project

In July PKAVS Carers Hub were awarded funding from Inspiring Scotland’s ‘Support in the Right Direction’ fund to set up a new project with a focus on Self-Directed Support. This project will aim to provide independent support to Carers, and through them to the people they support, on social care and options for self-directed support. We will provide information on the SDS process locally; help people establish personal outcomes, as well as information on what is available in the community for people both eligible and ineligible for social care support.

This project will work in partnership with Outside the Box and the Care and Well-being Cooperative who have also been awarded funding to support people in rural (Highland) Perthshire.

We are pleased to announce that Billy Morrison will be taking up the new post in November. Billy has worked within the Carers hub for the last 10 years and is passionate about working with Carers to support them to access flexible and personalised self-directed support. 

As this is new project we are still in the early stages of finalising our promotional materials and referral pathways but we will keep this page updated as and when we have more information to share with you. 

To contact Billy please call 01738 567076 or email 

The theme for this year’s Carers Conference is ‘your life, your choice’ and there will be information about self-directed support and an opportunity to hear more from Billy about the upcoming plans for this project. Billy will also have an information stand in the exhibition area if you have any questions on the day. 

To book your place at this year's Carers Conference please click here.



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