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Medicines in Scotland: What's the right treatment for me?

Medicines in Scotland: What’s the right treatment for me? - Information for patients and the public 

Copies of a medicines booklet for patients and the public will be distributed to each GP surgery, community pharmacy and hospital in NHSScotland by the end of March.  A two-page summary is also available which contains the main messages from the medicines booklet.  The medicines booklet and summary are available on the Healthcare Improvement Scotland website -

The medicines booklet is presented as an A5 booklet. It focuses on the patient journey starting at consultation and explains how people can work with their doctor (or other healthcare professional) to decide whether a medicine is needed and if so, which to prescribe. It also explains about the likely benefits and possible risks of medicines.

The medicines booklet has the potential to underpin the conversations required between patients and healthcare professionals to fulfil the quality ambitions of NHSScotland, educate the public about the benefits and risks of medicines and engage patients in shared decision-making, ultimately leading to higher quality care, reduced risk, less waste and better outcomes. The medicines booklet, therefore, supports NHSScotland ambitions of safe, effective and person-centred care which were recently reinforced in The Chief Medical Officer’s Annual Reports 2014-2015 Realistic Medicine and 2015-2016 Realising Realistic MedicineThe National Clinical Strategy for Scotland and Prescription for Excellence.

The medicines booklet was developed by the Area Drug and Therapeutics (ADTC) Collaborative, hosted by Healthcare Improvement Scotland. The team worked with healthcare professionals, public partners, public involvement groups, patient and carer support groups across NHSScotland and the School of Pharmacy at The Robert Gordon University.

The booklet replaces the 2010 Health Rights Information Scotland (HRIS) leaflet, New Medicines in Scotland – who decides what the NHS can provide? and the medicines fact sheet published in June 2016.

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