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Macmillan Move More
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Macmillan Move More

Macmillan Move More

Live Active Leisure is proud to announce that we have secured Macmillan funding to deliver 'Move More' - the fantastic national programme of activity specifically designed for people affected by cancer and their friends, family and carers. From walking groups to circuit classes, there are activities for all fitness levels and preferences and these have been proven to help bolster both physical and mental health at what is undoubtedly a difficult time.

The funding has allowed our local sports and fitness trust to employ two dedicated Move More co-ordinators, who will be focused on delivering sessions throughout the region. Kenneth Nattrass and Declan Jones will be offering expert advice tailored to suit individual needs with a view to helping people affected get the best results from being physically active. Launching in March with personalised gym sessions and circuit classes, the pair hopes to follow this up with gentle movement sessions and gardening sessions coming soon.

All the activities are free of charge for up to 12 sessions, and as well as this there are also several free walking groups that are suitable for cancer affected people and these are led by trained volunteers under the Stride for Life initiative.

The Move More programme came about when Macmillan Cancer Support conducted a comprehensive evidence review of over 60 studies, commissioned a survey of 400 health professionals, and studied findings from pilot schemes which are commissioning and running physical activity services for cancer patients.

They found that physical activity after treatment for cancer can reduce the impact of some debilitating side effects, such as swelling around the arm, anxiety, depression, fatigue, impaired mobility and weight changes. Emerging evidence also shows that achieving sufficient activity levels can reduce the risk of dying from breast, bowel and prostate cancer, and reduce the recurrence for breast and bowel.

One of the most surprising findings though was that physical exercise does not increase fatigue during treatment, and can, in fact, boost energy after treatment. Long term it is an effective way to help recover physical function, manage fatigue, improve quality of life and mental health, and control body weight. They published these facts in a report in which they refer to physical exercise as the ‘underrated wonder drug’ and launched the Move More initiative.

If you are interested in taking part in the sessions, volunteering or if you just require more information then please don’t hesitate to contact the Move More Perth and Kinross teams on 01738 454651 or by email at movemorep&k@liveactive.co.uk

There are a number of walks which are Macmillan Move More friendly taking place on a weekly basis right across Perthshire. The weekly walking schedule is as follows:

Kinross - every Monday at 2PM leaving from Kinross Church Centre, High Street - a short 45 to 60 minute walk on flat ground.

Crieff - every Tuesday at 10:30AM leaving from Strathearn Campus (or Macrosty Park on the second Tuesday of every month) - maximum of one hour of walking on flat ground.

Perth - every Tuesday at 11AM leaving from Moncreiffe Church Hall, Perth - a one hour walk on mixed terrain.

Alyth - every Tuesday at 1:30PM leaving from Airlie Street Hall, Alyth - a short 30 to 45 minute walk on flat ground.

North Muirton - every Wednesday at 1:30PM leaving from Riverside Church, Perth - a short 30 to 45 minute walk on flat ground.

Birnam - every Wednesday at 1:30PM leaving from Willowbank Lounge, Servite Housing, Birnam - a short 30 to 45 minute walk on flat ground.

Bankfoot - every Thursday at 10:30AM leaving from Bankfoot Church Centre - a 45 to 60 minute walk on flat ground.

Stanley - every Friday at 10:00AM leaving from Stanley Post Office - a 45 to 60 minute walk on flat ground.