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Carers Connect 2020

 Carers Connect 2020



This year’s Carers Connect was the first online event delivered to help support unpaid carers in Perth & Kinross and was held on national Carers Rights day, 26th November!

Thank you to everyone who took the time out to spend some or all of the day with us. I hope you found the morning video useful with nearly 30 infomercials highlighting the services that are still currently available to unpaid carers living in Perth and Kinross.

The feedback we have received after this event will once again prove very useful as we plan our services for 2021. It has given us some ideas around how we will deliver next year’s Carers Connect and the events we will plan for Carers Week in June.

Big thanks to all the carers and partner organisations who helped us deliver this year’s event! We couldn’t do it on our own.


You can read a full report from the day at
Carers Connect 2020 - Report!


If you haven’t seen the video with infomercials or only had the time to watch some of it, now you can watch it in your own time - Carers Connect 2020 Video!
If any carer would like to receive this video on a DVD please let us know by contacting Marlena 
on 01738 567076 or


If you weren't able to join the workshops on the day, don't worry as the workshop providers have prepared some content for you to view and use whevener you get some Me Time! :)


Let's Talk About a Value of Reaching Out to Others


No matter what life brings, you’ll never forget Bob Carley’s TED Talk:
“You're lovely, you're lovable, you're loved “
Robert is a trainer and motivational speaker by trade. He's largely involved in Irish Mental Health organisations big and small. He regularly runs wellness workshops with Suicide or Survive, and runs his own organisation The Right Mind. He speaks from personal experience about the value of reaching out to someone who is feeling despondent with the simple phrase - You're
lovely, you're lovable, you're loved.

You can watch it here:


Please have a look at the food for thought questions prepared for you by Renata Fraser.



Lynne Crow has kindly prepared an audio of her calming voice with a meditation to all the unpaid carers so they can take some time to care for themselves :)

Please follow the meditation available at


Get a Good Night's Sleep

Trouble sleeping? In this workshop Rachel Palmer from Mindspace shared information helping you to understand your sleep pattern and talked about useful tips how to get a better night’s sleep. If you missed this workshop you can check out here Tips for a Better Sleep from Rachel.

More Carers Connect 2020 coming soon!

What is the difference between a Council and a PKAVS support plan?

What is the difference between a Council and a PKAVS support plan?