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This Free Online Event is open to all unpaid carers and professionals
who work with unpaid carers.
We will be hosting discussions, presentations and workshops throughout the day
so sign up to guarantee your spot.


26 November 2020
10.00am - 5.00pm


Who's organising it?

Representatives from PKAVS Carers Hub Team, Health and Social Care Partnership, Perth and Kinross Council, Carers Voice and a host of community partners have all come together to help organise, support and host this event.


What will be happening?

It will be a chance to relax, learn and reconnect with other carers.
We will be bringing you a range of engaging talks, presentations with a focus on what services are out there to support you as a carer along with how and where you can access this support. We also hope that group discussions and 'break out' sessions will help us all to reconnect despite the restrictions and challenges imposed by Covid-19.

The event will also offer a range of interactive workshops aimed at teaching coping skills, improving wellbeing and helping to slow down :)

We invite you to join the following workshops:


Let's Talk About a Value of Reaching Out to Others - Transformational Life Coach Session

Getting a Good Night's Sleep

Men's Health

Put On Your Oxygen Mask Before Helping Others!

We work in partnership with other services such as Mindspace, #Andysmanclub, Lynne Crow Holistics, Renata Fraser Life Coach and Health & Social Care Partnership to deliver that.

Check the full Carers Connect 2020 Programme for more details!


What you'll need?

A Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone and internet access.
We will be running the Event through Microsoft Teams, so to get involved you will need a reliable internet connection, a Laptop, a Smartphone or Tablet Device.
We recommend you also install the MS Teams App!
Please Email or Phone if you would like guidance on this step.

You can also look at the Guidance Note for help by clicking here!


To register for the event please click here or contact us on 01738 567076 if you need assistance. 


This event is open to any unpaid carers and also professionals who work with unpaid carers. 

Anyone who needs help with access please let us know and we will see how we can help.

Please contact Carers Hub on 01738 567076 or email to find out more or to get help.


Last Wednesday of every second month
Aberfeldy Social Therapies
Booking is essential
Last Friday & First Monday of each month
Perth Social Therapies
Booking is essential
Last Tuesday of each month
Crieff Social Therapies
Booking is essential

What is the difference between a Council and a PKAVS support plan?

What is the difference between a Council and a PKAVS support plan?