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Carers Conference 2018

Last years annual Carers Conference was a joint effort between PKAVS Carers Hub Team and representatives from Perth & Kinross Health and Social Care Partnership.

The structure of the conference was based on feedback from previous years. We are thankful to all delegates, presenters, exhibitors and workshops providers who supported this event. We would like to thank those carers and professionals who attended this event to contribute their valuable views and share their experiences. 

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We welcomed 179 delegates to the 2018 Carers Conference. In total there were 38 stall holders who attended as well as 77 unpaid carers and 102 professionals. The number of carers attending has grown year on year but still isn't where we'd like these numbers to be. With this in mind, PKAVS are looking at delivering a 'showcase' carers event on Carers Rights day in November 2019 and may also look to stage 2 or 3 smaller Conference type events in rural communities during Carers Week. 

2018 Carers Conference image 1After a welcome and introduction from Raymond Jamieson - Carers Hub Manager, Karyn Sharp - PKC Strategic Lead for Carers and Lyndsey Bailey - NHS South Locality Service Manager the Conference was officially opened by Provost Dennis Melloy.

2018 Carers Conference image 2The day consisted of a range of informative talks in the morning and afternoon around Self-Directed Support and Short Breaks, as well as inspiring talks from carers Jean and Alison who shared their own personal stories.

Click to download - Personalisation & Self-Directed Support Presentation

Click to download - Short Breaks for Unpaid Carers Presentation

There were also two rounds of workshops that focused on different topics based on the theme of the Conference which was "Your Life Your Choice." 

2018 Carers Conference image 3The day ended with a fantastic performance from Renfrewshire Carers Centre Choir who received a standing ovation!

Here is one of the songs that the Carers Choir performed at the Conference... wait until you get to 1min 30seconds! :) 

To listen to the other performances from Renfrewshire Carers Centre please click here enjoy!

If you would like to have a say in the planning of next years conference please get in touch with the team at PKAVS Carers Hub by calling the office on 01738 567076. We would love to hear from you!

What is the difference between a Council and a PKAVS support plan?

What is the difference between a Council and a PKAVS support plan?