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Young Carers Strategy Monitoring Group

18th February 2016

The Perth and Kinross Young Carers Strategy 2015-18 aims to outline how agencies will work together with parents, children and young people to:

  • Improve awareness and the identification of young carers
  • Enable young carers to participate in engagement and consultation
  • Improve information and advice services available to young carers
  • Improve intervention options and young carers support planning
  • Monitor, review and evaluate the effective delivery of services

By implementing these objectives we aim to:

  • Achieve improved emotional and physical wellbeing
  • Increase carer confidence in managing the carer role
  • Ensure young carers have the ability to combine caring responsibilities with school and social environments, whilst retaining a life outside caring
  • Identify and support young carers in Perth and Kinross with their caring role

For the full Young Carers Strategy report please follow the link below:

Perth and Kinross Joint Young Carers Strategy 2015-2018

The Young Carers Strategy Monitoring group is responsible for ensuring that the Local Authority, NHS and the Third Sector are reaching the aims and objectives of the Young Carers Strategy.

The minutes from these meetings are available below.

Minutes 06/01/2016

Minutes 19/04/2016

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