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Carers (Scotland) Bill Passes

12th February 2016

The Carers (Scotland) Bill passed its third and final stage in the Scottish Parliament on 4th February 2016.

The provisions of the Bill will be implemented from 2017 and will include:

  • Adult Carer Support Plans (ACSP) and Young Carers Statements (YCS) are to replace carers assessments.
  • There will not be a requirement for Carers to provide regular and substantial care, meaning all carers will be entitiled to a ACSP and YCS.
  • ACSP and YCS will have to consider a range of issues including, emergency/future planning and timescales for ensuring these plans are complete for those caring for someone with a terminal illness.
  • There will be a duty on Local Authorities to ensure there is an information and advice service for carers in their area.
  • Health Boards and Local Authorities will have to publish a carers strategy in consultation with carers and carer organisations in their area.
  • Health Boards will have to inform and involve carers in hospital discharge of the person they care for. 

There are numerous other provisions and Carers Scotland will produce a briefing for these shortly.

You can read the official report of the debate in the Scottish Parliament here.

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